South East Asia Part 4 – Chiang Rai to Laos

The main reason that people visit the city of Chiang Rai is to spend a day exploring the amazingly creative and unusual Buddhist temple of ‘Wat Rong Khun’, or also known simply as ‘The White Temple’. This, is the very reason why I visited Chiang Rai, and after seeing The White Temple for myself, I realised that it’s the only reason you will need. The whole structure is a project by controversial artist Chalermchai Kositpipat who began in 1996 and still hasn’t finished to this day.

From Chiang Rai I am making my way into Laos. I took a bus to Chiang Khong where the borders of Thailand and Laos are separated by the mighty Mekong river, and from here I spend a couple of days travelling down to the backpacker haven of Luang Prabang on a slow boat. Many of the roads in Laos are nothing more than dirt tracks that wind through the harsh terrain of the mountains, so a slow boat is a much more relaxing alternative form of transport.

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