South East Asia Part 1 – Bangkok


It’s taken me quite a while to get round to editing my videos with all the travelling I’ve been doing, but the time is finally here. I’m back in the UK and I’ll be getting as much done as I possibly can before jetting off again, and boy have I got a lot of footage to get through.
Bangkok-1.jpgSo I’m starting my adventure in Bangkok; the starting point for many a backpacker. After arriving at the airport I realized that I had got my timings all mixed up. For some reason I was expecting to arrive in Bangkok in the daytime and have plenty of time to explore and find somewhere to stay. This wasn’t the case however. It was dark when I arrived and I had absolutely no idea where anything was or where I should go. So, I took the most sensible choice I could think of at the time and jumped in a taxi and told him to take me to Khao San Road.

Khao San Road is the backpacker hub of Bangkok, and I knew that going here was my best chance at finding somewhere to stay at a reasonable price and that there would be plenty to see and do. This turned out to be a good decision. The first hotel that I walked into with all my bags had available rooms and I was in no mood to shop around on the busy streets during peak drinking time, so I booked myself in and then headed straight out onto the bustling streets for my first taste of Bangkok.

Bangkok-10.jpgI spent the next couple of days settling into my immediate surroundings and having a great time in the local bars and restaurants. I met some really nice people and some not so nice people. The drinks are cheap and so is the food; and there’s a lot of it. Pad thai and Singha were my new best friends. After I’d got a couple of days drinking and partying out of my system, it was time to do what I really came here for; to experience some culture and learn some history.

There’s a ton of places of interest in Bangkok, so it wasn’t difficult to satisfy my curiosities. Tuk tuk drivers will happily offer tours but you can see a hell of a lot by just using your feet, which is my preferred choice but when I was offered a 3 hour tour for 40 Baht, well it seemed to good to be true, and there was a slight catch but still very worth it.

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