Cambodia Part 3: Battambang

We’re in Battambang where we visit a crocodile farm and ride a pretty scary and very rickety train made mostly from bamboo. Check out the video to see more.

The Crocodile Farm

Battambang crocodile

I don’t like the way this guy is looking at me.

Crocodiles used to live wild in cambodia. There may still be a few hidden in the far reaches of the jungles where no one ever goes but for the most part they have been hunted out of the public eye. To fill the demand for the crocodile market Battambang has its very own crocodile farm. I’ve never seen so many crocodiles in one place. This place is better than a zoo, if you only want to see crocodiles that is.

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Battambang Bamboo Train

Battambang TrainThis isn’t really a good way to get from A to B but it’s certainly a fun experience. The battambang bamboo train is mainly a tourist attraction but this method is also utilised by the local people to undertake various everyday tasks.

The bamboo “train”, which isn’t a train at all, has a very simple design. Essentially┬áthere is a flat platform made from wood and bamboo which is just big enough to comfortably seat 4 people. This is placed on top of two sets of small train wheels that look to have come from an old train carriage. This is then powered by a small petrol engine. The track on which┬áthis “death trap” runs is really not in a good way; there are large spine-shattering gaps between the track segments and much of it is mis-aligned and warped due to the lack of proper maintenance. This causes the train to be thrown from side to side. And if this wasn’t bad enough, there’s a lot of overgrown foliage and stray cattle to avoid smashing into.

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